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For your registration, we need the following information: First and last name, address, email address and foal-related details.
Your personal data will be used for the registration process and the presentation on the website and will not be passed on to third parties.

Information about the foal

Please indicate now the pedigree of your foal. Mandatory are sire, dam, damsire and sire of damsire However, we recommend that you fill in all fields if possible.

Thank you very much for the registration.

We will process your registration and inform you via email about the next steps. Please prepare and upload the video of your foal now. After we have received your video, we will publish your foal on ClipMyHorse.TV and send you the link via email.

Sie können das Video von Ihrem Fohlen entweder jetzt einsenden oder später an uns übermitteln. Nähere Details bekommen Sie in kürze via Email.
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